Six Tourist Places of Bandarban

I am writing today and I would like to bring you a trip to Bandarban. How to get to Bandarban from Dhaka can be started first. You can easily collect Bandarban tickets from different bus counters in Dhaka. Tickets will cost up to 620-750 taka only. You can also book tickets online if you want, The fare of the air-conditioned bus will be a little higher. You can take the train and go if you want, in that field you have to get the train ticket in advance. You have to go to Chittagong first by train. The fare from Dhaka to Chittagong will be around 350 taka. From Chittagong you have to take a bus to Bandarban. The bus fare will be around 150 taka. This is how you have to come to Bandarban.


After a journey of about 8-10 hours, you have to land in Bandarban town. The best time for such a journey is night. Arrive at Bandarban and have breakfast. If you want, you can freshen up the food at the bus counter or nearby. You can have a good quality breakfast for 40-50 taka per person. Then you have to get out of the hotel and rent a cander gari.Speaking of the cander gari, it can be said that it is the safest car to drive on the winding road. From these cars you can ride up to 10-12 people if you want. And the most important thing is that the growth of these cars is specified. Which means you don’t have to worry about rent. It will cost 4000 thousand taka to increase the whole car, So that you can travel to six places. Nilgiri,Cimbuk pahar, Shoilo propat,Sorno mondir, Nilachol, Maghla porjotok.etc.


You can visit these six places in one day. If 10 people go in a cander gari, each person will grow by 400 taka, If you go alone, he will not have any problem, why not go with any other group if you want. Let’s go to the Nilgiri. If you are in Nilgiri, you have to buy a ticket first, which will cost only 50 taka per person. Then go straight to the Nilgiri. The beauty of the Nilgiri cannot be overstated, the Nilgiri are a beautiful example of how beautiful God’s creation can be. Standing on the hill you can see the clouds playing all around, and the green falling in four directions. Which is very difficult to explain in writing. Nilgiri has good food and toilet facilities. You can spend the night in Nilgiri under the supervision of Bangladesh Army, in which case the set must be ready. If you want to stay in Nilgiri, you must book a room in advance, you can also book online if you want. Usually if the price of food is higher in tourist places and you will get everything at a fair price in Nilgiri.


Now let’s go to Cimbuk pahar, it takes 1 hour by slow ride from Nilgiris to the chander gari. Buy a ticket for 20 taka only per person and enter Cimbuk pahar. When you enter the Cimbuk pahar, your mind will come alive, here nature is in its own form, which is impossible to describe. Let’s go to the Shoilo propat. The Shoilo propat is basically a mountain spring, where you can find fresh mountain fruit. You can buy or eat it if you want. You can take a bath here if you want. It will be noon, then you can have lunch from any hotel if you want. Your lunch will be 100-150 taka only. Then let’s go to the chander gari again towards the sorno mondir. You can enter here by buying a ticket for only 30 taka.

Look at this golden temple, you will think you have gone abroad. The artist’s paintings are known for their beautiful work of art. If you don’t see it, you can’t believe how beautiful this temple is. This temple is located on a hill, which is why when you visit Bandarban, if you don’t see this temple, you will feel that you have missed a lot.

This time it is time to go to Nilachol. Nilachol is located just 5 km from the tourist center Bandarban city. Nilachol is located at an altitude of about 2,000 feet above the ground. At Nilachol, there is a wonderful combination of sky, mountains and clouds. And the incomparable natural beauty. The play of clouds in the morning and the sunset in the afternoon, these two times Nilachol takes its form. The whole of Bandarban can be seen from Nilachol. In Nilachol, rain plays near the clouds in autumn and winter. You can enjoy different natural beauties from different places of Nilachol. So it is not possible to end with the description of the beauty of Nilachol. There are many good resorts here so you can spend the night if you want, in which case you have to book their room in advance by collecting their phone number from online.


At the end I am writing about Meghla tourist center. Meghla tourist center is located only 4 km away from Bandarban city. This cloudy tourist destination is built around a low mountain and an artificial leg.The lush greenery of the surroundings and the clear waters of the Leg and the magnificent nature attract the tourists. So people who love diversity come here. Finally, if you want, you can turn around at a very low cost from Bandarban. If you want to visit these 6 places, you can visit around 3000-3500 taka only. Come on, this trip will be a memorable trip of your life.








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