Freelancing is the best occupation in this period.If you have any kind of experience in this time you can earn a lot of money from the market place. In this modern or digital period there are lots of best way to earn money from the market place. There are most well known and trustworthy sites in this period like upworks ranked in the top position. Secondly,Fiverr is another site which is the another most visited or well known sites for the Freelancer.Thirdly,Freelancer dot com .After that peopleperhour and finally which is ranked in the last position is 99design.
In this time,you can learn from various type of IT centre or coaching centre and finally you can get experience by working in the local market . You can also get enough money from this place. After that, you can entire in the international market place and also can earn a huge income . According to the experience you can work various type of work and also can earn a huge amount of money which is unbelievable. Foreigners are want to get there official or personal work from this market place as well as various type of organization also involved in this market place for various type of work. So, this market places are becoming well-known and as well as becoming famous day by day. According to the recent research in 2017, in that time Bangladesh was positioned in the 2nd place for the freelancing in the whole world. In that time, the 1st position possessed by INDIA and 3rd place for USA. So, this was the great moment for ourselves for possessing in the 2nd position.The huge amount of people was engaged on freelancing in that time for various type of position by many websites. We also mentioned that sites name before.
1. UPWORK: If you want to know which is the best and famous site for freelancing in the whole world? The undoubtedly answer is Upwork.They organized thire name by Odesk in 2015.You can work and earn a lot of money by various type of work. In that place there are available work for the freelancer. So, you can earn a lot of money and also can withdraw that money by paypal, payoneer and also by bank.
2. FIVERR : This is the another most famous site in the world for the freelancer. As a Graphics designer,DIGITAL MARKETING ,SEO expert,Logo designer, Web designer,web development and soo on.You can work easily in this site.You can work from little amount like 5 dollars to huge amount .You can withdraw money as well as Upworks withdrawal procedure.
3. FREELANCER : This is also another market place for the freelancer who is the expert in the various type of work. You can get a work by doing BIT.In this site there are lots of opportunity are welcome to you. So, we request you to getting any kind of work by getting good knowledge about that thing. Most of the younger people as well as job less people also engaged in this time for freelancing. It is also becoming a famous job sector for the job less people who are already lost thire job in this pandemic situation.
4. PEOPLE PER HOUR : People per hour is another most favourite site for the outsourcer whose are getting experience by doing a various type of work in the market place. First of all, you have to choose any one sector like SEO, FACEBOOK MARKETING, SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING, GRAPHICS DESIGNING, WEB DEVELOPING and so on. After that, you can learn from the browsing interent as well as from any well known or good mentor who are experienced for this a long time.You can earn a lot of money by servicing your knowledge.So, visit this site for getting more information for withdrawal of money and you can also learn from youtube how can you register in this site and so on.
5. 99Design : If you are the graphics designer and also experienced on this position. You can earn a lot of money by doing designing. This is a great opportunity and the best site I have ever seen for the designers. In this site, the foreigners are taking a various type of design from the expert designers.They not need a one kind of designing. They need a various kind of designing like LOGO DESIGNING, WEB DESIGNING, and other graphics designing. You can also earn money and withdraw money by learning from youtube.So, keep patience and try to fixed your destination and finally carry on for your Goal.
Finally, if you involved in this sector, you will not be counted an unemployed person. The Government of Bangladesh as well as another countries Government also get benefited by getting foreign currency. So, try to do something special or do creative anything what you will do if you want .

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