Console war of 2020

The new decade brings new consoles. After many delays, both Microsoft & Sony target their new console release on 2020 holidays reigniting the spark of console war of 2013. That time PlayStation 4 won over Xbox one by a huge margin. Now there are no exact numbers of how much those consoles were sold on the launch day but we can still we can get an estimation of that figure by how many units were shipped and sold to different stores throughout the United States. Now the purpose is not to figure the exact number but to figure which console sold more. Luckily we have a lot of research about that and one is quite interesting it’s from 

‘Robert Farrington’ and the article follows:

To compare the two launches, we called several local Best Buy and Walmart stores to see how many of each console they received. We then checked back to see how they sold.

For the PlayStation 4, most stores received anywhere from 30 to 50 units. At every store we called back, they had sold out of all of their units within one to two hours of the store openings. Furthermore, checking back yesterday, all the stores had sold out of inventory they received since the launch as well.

For the Xbox One, we learned that most stores only received about 10 to 20 units. When we called to check sales at 5:00 p.m., only 40% of stores reported they sold out. The remaining stores still had inventory, and several told us they were sure they would have some this weekend.” 

Where Sony shipped more PS4 units to the stores and all the stores sold all units in just one to two hours against Microsoft who shipped less units and only 40% of stores were fully sold out. The difference in sales figures is huge although it was Microsoft’s fault as their disastrous launch plan that you have to buy it with Kinect, not being able to play second-had games, huge power brick outside of the console, less powerful and the cherry on top was the $100 dollar more pricetag. It was disasters after a disaster for the Xbox one. But as time went by Microsoft launched their Xbox one X which Sony couldn’t handle with their PlayStation 4 pro.

Now jumping back to present the console wars came back with 2 new consoles and tons of new features. But this time Xbox series X seems to be the better option. For those who don’t know these are the specs. (As all of these are based on rumors take it with a grain of salt):

Xbox series X vs Playstation 5 specification


On paper, Xbox is clear the winner but Sony has just beginning to reveal their hands. On their recent virtual presentation, Sony showed off some astonishing and exciting stuff as they demonstrated a RAID-based custom SSD. This new SSD can access 5.5 GB (raw) or typically 8-9GB (compressed) of data per second. This is around 100 times faster than what’s possible on the ps4 currently. Sony believes this results in significantly faster loading time with games teased to boot within a second from the dashboard and near eradication of loading times. As Sony’s COO Mike Cerny said, “Loading time will be a thing of past“. While testing Sony’s dev kit for Unreal Engine 5 Epic gamed CEO Tim Sweeney said, “The storage architecture on ps5 is far ahead of anything you can buy on anything on PC for any amount of money right now“. And the reveling of the Playstation 5 was sort of very drastic change from the previous generations in terms of looks and design. It definitely was weird but after a couple of days, people seem to be very interested in the design. And Microsoft’s Xbox series X looks like a fridge or a square amazon Alexa. But Microsoft has a trump card Xbox series X will be backward compatible all the way back through to the OG Xbox. Yes, it means you can play all your favorite classics like the Halo 2, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Beyond Good and Evil from the original Xbox all the way up to red dead redemption 2 on the Xbox one and the best part is if you have the original game disc that’s enough you don’t have to buy it again from the e-store again just insert the disc play all your favorite classics. But we can’t say the same for the Playstation 5 it can play a few games from the Playstation 4 and nothing else. That’s disappointing because Sony has a huge and rich collection of exclusives which would people play to this day.

In conclusion no matter what you choose to buy PlayStation 5, Xbox series X, or even a new PC (yes, we haven’t forgotten about you guys). You will enjoy every game to the fullest as the developers intended.

So happy hunting and peace.

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