Coronavirus vaccine

Today I am writing about the corona virus vaccine. At this moment, every country in the world is being discussed and important issues Corona virus (Covid-19) vaccine, The corona virus (covid-19) was first found in China’s Wuhan Province. In late December 2019, after the first corona patient was caught in Wuhan, it was thought to have entered the human body from the body of an animal. Which has now taken on epidemic proportions all over the world. More than 595,000 people have died worldwide since December, The number of people infected with the corona virus so far is 14.1 million. More than 83 lakh people have recovered so far.


So, in order to get rid of this corona virus, the drug inventors of almost all the countries of the world have taken action, Symptoms of coronavirus are usually fever, cough, cold and shortness of breath. Ways to protect yourself from the corona virus. Do not leave the house without urgency.


If you want to go out, you must wear a mask and clean your hands with soap after eating something. And you can’t put your hands over your nose with dirty hands, And after coming from outside, you have to clean your hands and face in a good way and then enter the house.


There is also a need to eat more vitamin C-rich foods to increase the body’s resistance to disease. And need to do more and more physical exercise. And the elderly and young children should be kept in the house as much as possible,


Most of the elderly people who suffer from coronary heart disease die, Because older people already suffer from some or the other disease. The risk is a little less for those who have more disease ability.


If someone becomes corona then what to do in the house,From drinking more and more hot water and color tea. And steaming hot water several times a day. And talk to a doctor if necessary to take some medicine, And of course at least 14 days at home quarantine Stay.


Corona virus is a contagious disease so there is no way to come in contact with the patient. Anything used by the patient cannot be held empty handed. When it comes to vaccines, this usually means using antivirus in the body to kill the virus. Due to which, if this vaccine is applied in our body, the corona virus will not be able to do any harm, And the virus will die on its own.


So many countries around the world are still trying to find a vaccine for the corona virus. Some of them have passed the first and second exams. Now it is in the third position. If it is successful, it will be applied directly to the patient’s body, So that almost all the people of the world will benefit. Attempts are being made to discover the coronavirus vaccine from Oxford University, and the price of their vaccine will be very low, equal to the price of a cup of coffee.


According to the University of Oxford, about 95% of the vaccine is working so far, so hopefully the world is going to get good news very soon. And so far Oxford University has been at the forefront of corona vaccine discovery. He added that if the third trial is successful, the vaccine could be delivered worldwide by August. Finally, I would like to say that every human being in the world wants the greatest Creator to keep us all healthy at this moment.


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