Dark Web… The Black Side Of Internet (Full details with my Experience)



        What is Dark Web, Deep Web? How to use it?

Remember the Scene in Hollywood where the Godfather never met his pet killer and went through a very secret network, or did you remember Angelina Julie’s movie “Hacker” where criminals committed crimes within an unknown network — where law enforcement could not have been involved? Apparently, these silver screen sci-fi movies seem to be just a little bit of a joke, but like the unknown network of these movies, we have a dark world on the Internet… The Internet has expanded with the advancement of information technology, and it has become a big hit today. The search engines have increased their capabilities in line with this. Especially Google, which has now been developed as one of the most trusted brands in the world. Can we think of a net session without Google? Impossible! But what is the potential of Google? You’ll be surprised to know that when you search for something and Google brings you millions of results, it’s only 10 percent of the total information on the Internet! That means Google doesn’t know 90% of the total online data! With only 10 percent of the search in the album, he presented the results to the customer. The remaining 90 percent will remain unknown to you forever. One survey found that 500 times more data is stored on the invisible web than the visible web. In fact, this visible net is a part of the ocean-going glacier and the deep web is the ocean itself!

        This unknown black web is  our topic of discussion                                                         today. 

  Black web can be divided into two parts, and it is:

  1. The Deep Web
  2. The Dark Web

Deep Web is one of the parts of the Internet that search engines can’t find but if you know their address, you can go to this part. And the Dark Web is the part of the Internet where you can’t access the conventional way, the traditional browsers can’t access it. You need to get special software support when you enter. How did this part of the Internet come about? It’s impossible to say exactly what you want. Actually neither you nor I are alone on the Internet! Every step you take, every download is monitored by your Internet service provider. They have your full log and they provide it to law enforcement at any time. That means you have no freedom to travel!!! At times, various groups of the world internet have felt the need for a system where they can operate in secret. The military, the revolutionary, the hackers, even the administration itself has sought a system where spies can secretly exchange information with themselves or negotiate with criminals to get stolen information back. Besides, there are many countries around the world where online censorship is so severe as a result the dissidents have to think of a system that the government cannot monitor. And that’s how this unknown part originated. It also lures criminals who don’t dare to discuss the main net for fear of being caught.

        The question now is why can’t the search engine                                      search on the deep web?

This is because search engines are monitoring their search with a kind of virtual robot, crawler. These crawler , record websites by viewing the HTML tag on the website. Also, some sites are requested to be written to search engines. Now sites that admin don’t want their site to find search engines use The Robot Exclusion Protocol that prevents crawlers from finding or writing sites. There are some sites that are dynamic, that is, it is possible to find the existence of such sites in accordance with certain conditions, and it is not possible for Crawler to do so. There are sites that don’t have links to other sites. These are isolated sites, they don’t even come in search. Moreover, search engine technology has not yet left its nest. Search engines can’t find webpage in other formats (such as flash formats) except text! The data on this deep web is far ahead of the surface web information. They are very well-equipped and relevant. Then let’s see what the search engines are doing!

Now let’s go to the most diverse and interesting part of                                           the dark web.

You can’t access these sites with your traditional web browser. They live outside the internet, and they don’t care about any rules. And their addresses are also so strange (like sdjsdhsdhsmnsdxxcoiiydsu67686hsjdjd.onion) that it is very difficult for the general public to remember them. This part is the real invisible part of the Internet. You cannot access this network without certain knowledge (such as programming, networking, proxy). Another feature of this section is that they use “Pseudo Top Level Domain” instead of using top level domains like the World Wide Web sites (like.com) which are second to the original World Wide Web. These domains include Bitnet, Onion, Freenet, etc. This world is different! You’ll find what you never imagined in your life. Maybe you never imagined that it would be possible to enter the site without a pass over, so you’d see it happening here. You’ll find things that can blow your head off. Wikileaks has announced that it will release more new data this year, but you may be surprised to see that these data from Wikileaks have been on the dark web for several years. The latest edition of any book that is not on the Surface Web because of copyright law will be seen here in free. There’s also the corrupt. From child pornography to videos of various Genital Mutilation that are not on the Surface Web, it’s hot topics here. There are sites where all kinds of drug home deliveries, from marijuana, heroin to home delivery, are available. The main users of Darknet are mainly drug addicts. There are other sites where radical groups are teaching how to make ammunition, some sites sell readymade weapons. It is also available to buy weapons like rocket launchers, mortars, and more from 47. During the Arab Spring, the revolutionaries used to join the dark web. Darkweb has a variety of mail services, chat services where you can do a lot of things by keeping your identity private. There’s more to the surprise! A few days ago I went to an underground site where the Killer was rented !!! What a terrible, not believing? I didn’t. In one of these sites, I see killer describing himself as: “You can call me Slat. I can put your enemy on the professional way. I’m not interested in your problem with him. You just give me money and I’ll kill him. The target must be at least 18, I don’t care if target is male or female. I’m not a target for a pregnant woman. I don’t torture the target. If the target is a political figure or a member of law enforcement, additional charges will be charged. And I can arrange the whole incident as a suicide or an accident in exchange for additional charges. Down payment will be done in four weeks. An additional $5,000 travel charge is required for the target outside the United States. It’s done. I’ll send you a picture of the target.” In total, you will enter a black forest where you have to think twice before you take every step. The hacking techniques you see on the Surface Web are the 1% of the information that is taken from the Dark Web. Hackers here are very dangerous and they don’t have any pair of programming, beware your mail may be hacked. And there are government agents.

But the question is how these network law enforcement                      agencies are doing with the things???

 To understand this, we need to think a little about such a network.   One of the networks used on the Darkweb that has become quite popular on the Surface Web is the Onion Network. Onion Pseudo-top-level-domain is .onion. And the address of its sites is haunted! Originally built for the US Navy, this network is now the first choice of disguised net users worldwide. You can’t access Onion with your browser, so you need to download Tor browser.   Tor will hide your identity and make it almost impossible for anyone to identify your location. When you enter a site with Tor, Tor will send your request to Onion Proxy via hard encryption. Onion Proxy no longer contains the data you send, it becomes an incomprehensible script.   It is because of this incomprehensible system that all these networks are always out of the reach of law enforcement. The most popular of the black markets on the Onion Network is Silkroad, which, according to Forbes, sold for 22 million last year. And here it is not traded in conventional currency, it is traded in a kind of virtual currency called Bitcoin. Microsoft, Apple products are available here at up to 70% discount.


Despite all these irregularities, I support this kind of system, why? Having an open platform is really necessary. The child who makes pornography will do his job differently if he shuts down this network. Moreover, cyber terrorists are always one step ahead of law enforcement agencies. For example, we can say that even though Internet Protocol V6 has been released, the Surface Web is still available in Internet Protocol ^ 4 of that blind period. But almost all the sites in the underground are using IP ^ 6.   Since the internet is as bad as all other human creations, we have to adapt to it. And I must say that at least once in your life, visit the Dark Web, otherwise you will miss the taste of the ocean like a sheltered shelter in an iceberg.   But yes, don’t go too far. Remember, the government has a lot of money, so they can hire thousands of talented hackers from the Dark Web if they want to keep an eye on people like you on the Dark Web. If you guys want then I can Show the process to the dark Web in Next post!      

Rafiuzzaman Chowdhury Shimanto

Junior Nautical Officer Cadet

Bangladesh Marine Academy, Chittagong.

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