Digital Marketing - A flexible career is waiting for you.

Digital Marketing – A flexible career is waiting for you.

Most of us already heard the term Digital Marketing. But who doesn’t know it clearly, for them here is a description of it.

What is Digital Marketing?

It’s basically a component of marketing that utilizes the digital platform and digital media or social media for any products or services promotions. By using digital marketing, companies get to connect with their audiences or customers more frequently. The main differences between digital marketing and traditional marketing are when you do a digital campaign, you are using more digital tools and more digital media to engage with your customers than traditional marketing.

Different Types Of Digital Marketing – 

In today’s world, there are a lot of categories in digital marketing. Because this industry is growing day by day and new terms are included. Here I mention the best categories which you need to know if you are a Digital Marketing enthusiastic. 

1.Social Media Marketing

2.Email Marketing

3.Search Engine Marketing 

4.Search Engine Optimization

5.Affiliate Marketing

5.Content Marketing

6.Video Marketing

7.Audio Marketing

These are the top categories. I would describe these categories and what kind of jobs you could get from doing this, in the letter section of the blog. But first, let me ask you a question. 

Why do we need Digital Marketing in any business?

1.Affordability : 

Affording digital marketing is much cheaper than traditional marketing processes. Sometimes it is high costs but most of the time the ad costs are really less than other marketing forms.

2.More Targeted : 

In the digital marketing arena, you could target your audiences more precisely than traditional marketing. You could target them to their demographic status. Such as 

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Interest
  • Location
  • Profession
  • Financial Status
  • Interest
  • Relationship Status 
  • Education Level
  • Buying Behaviour

3.More Advanced Analytics :

By using digital marketing tools you would get some more specific insights that are really helpful for your future campaign. Insights like 

  • Who is most interested
  • Who try to connect with you
  • Where they live
  • How much time they are engaged with you
  • How do they find you
  • What pages are most viewed
  • Which items are most liked by the customers
  • Where they live
  • What kind of devices they use 

And lot’s of.

4.Brand’s Expansion : 

Nowadays most of us do their shopping online. It’s a great opportunity for E-Commerce businesses to expand their brand through Digital Marketing. You could use google ads easily to promote your brand or you could use social media for your brand’s expansion. And people could easily refer and share your posts and products to others. Which is really great. So in the social media platform, it is much easier to expand your products to more people than traditional marketing. 

5.Direct Interaction : 

In digital marketing, you could easily interact with your customers rather than traditional marketing. You could say, Direct marketing is much easier in digital marketing. You could collect their data through your websites, their comments, and shares. You could send them messages directly, you could ask them questions like, actually what are they looking for, what problems most of them are facing, etc. 

6.Influencer Engagements : 

Many of the influencers in the modern world promote themselves on social media. You have a great opportunity to engage with them. You could easily connect with them through any kind of social media. If they promote your brand, then there is a possibility to get more audiences or customers or you can say you lead their followers towards yourself. And that would be great for your businesses.

7.Low Investment : 

The cost per lead on digital marketing is 60 % less expensive than traditional marketing. Businesses who advertise on social media spend much less in their campaign. And most of them apply a cost per click, which is if your audiences wouldn’t click your link, there would be no cost. 

Yeah, you already know a lot about it. If you have a business or you have a plan to start then apply digital marketing for your promotion, which could be a better idea than anything else.

Career Option on Digital Marketing : 

1.SEO Manager : 

As an SEO Manager, you would oversee or analyze the total SEO strategy of a company and make a plan for how to implement it properly. The main objective of an SEO Manager is to make the company’s website a higher ranking in the search engine, especially in Google. 

2.PPC Marketing Manager : 

As a PPC Marketing Manager, you would manage all kinds of PPC campaigns, especially in Google Ads. You could handle other works like keyword research, Run A/B testing, Writing copy, Data analysis, etc. 

3.Blogger : 

As a blogger, your main work is writing, editing, and publishing blogs on a website. Your target should be getting more traffic by writing relevant and educational blogs. Your specific duties include writing and researching articles, promoting products from affiliates websites, providing helpful tricks and tips about anything related to your specific industry, pitching good ideas, etc.

4.Social Media Manager : 

As a Social Media Manager, you would manage the social media strategies of your company. There are some other works like gaining followers on social media, connecting with your audiences, uploading or posting timely, sending messages to your audiences, promoting your company’s brand or name. Overall you need to make a strategy for engaging on social media.

5.Digital Marketing Manager : 

You can say, this is the highest post on any digital marketing field. You want to get that post, then you need 4 to 5 years’ experience in digital marketing. If you get that post, you would manage the overall marketing and development campaigns and strategies, that drive more traffic and get your website on the next level.

The scopes of Digital Marketing :

1.Flexibility : 

There is an open culture that exists in the Digital Marketing Arena. You would get more flexibility than any other profession. You could do your work from anywhere, you just need a device like a laptop or mobile and internet connection. Even if you do all of your work in your home if you set proper strategies or you have the proper skills.

2.Getting Paid More: 

In digital marketing, you are getting more payment or salary than traditional marketing because of its increasing demands. People do not easily do transitional marketing in today’s world because companies are aware of the strategies of marketing. So they know where their customers belong and the best way to reach them is by applying digital marketing strategies.

3.More Career Choice : 

I have already mentioned different categories of digital marketing. So you could choose what you like in digital marketing. There are a lot of variations. You don’t need to be stuck in one career or one position. You are capable of doing SEO Marketing as well as Social Media Marketing too. Which makes you a versatile professional person in your field.

4.Start Your Career easily : 

You know you can start your career whenever you want. Just you need to learn some skills which are related to Digital Marketing fields. In traditional marketing, at first, you need to get a degree and then you start a career, but in Digital Marketing, there is no need for it. All you need to upgrade your skills day by.

Yeah, that’s it for today. I hope you could get valuable insights from this. And I suggest you take digital marketing as a career if you want to be successful in your life. I wish you the best of luck for your future digital journey.

Thank you.


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  1. Yes! This is one of the best way to improve own business.. But the person who is doing D.Marketing he should go with a proper way! Unless the hard work will not response! Thanks for this writing ! Very informative!

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