How to be safe from Hacking


Hacking is a process where someone enters a computer or computer network without a valid permission. Those who do this hacking are hackers. You know this. We almost all know that hacking is just a web site hacking, and many people think hacking means hacking just a computer or computer network, is it? No, it’s not. Hacking can be of many kinds. Your mobile phone, land phone, car tracking, various electronics and digital devices are used without valid permission and are subject to hacking.  Hackers usually hack through these electronics devices.


Now let’s go to who the hacker is.

Hacker: The person who practices hacking is called a hacker. They know all the information about the system they’re hacking, including the structure, the functionality, how it works. The computer was not so popular before, and hackers were hacking phones. Phone hackers were called Phreaker and this process was called Preaching. They used to hack into different telecommunications systems and use them for their own purposes.


There are three types of hackers:

I say hackers are identified with hat or hats.



  • White hat hacker
  • Grey hat hacker
  • Black hat hacker


White hat hacker: Everyone thinks hacking is a bad thing, right? No, hacking is not a bad thing. White hat hacker hackers prove that hacking is not a bad thing. For example, a white hat hacker detects errors in a security system and prompts the owner of the security system to report the error. This time the security system can be a computer, a web site on a computer network, a software, etc.


Grey hat hacker: Grey hat hacker is a two-faced snake. Let’s explain why. When they find out the errors in a security system, they will act like they do. He will do what his mind wants at that time. He may also make errors to the owner of the security system or view or damage information if he wishes. It can also be used for its own interests. Most of the hackers  falls into this category.


Black hat hacker: And the most dangerous hacker is this black hat hacker. They quickly use the error to make it their own when they detect errors in a security system. That system is damaged. Spread various viruses. He keeps his way in. After all, try to enter all the subsystems that are in the system.


Hackers are very intelligent, it’s the most recognized or everyone knows. Good hackers haven’t done any bad hacking in their life. But they did a hacking to get caught or to get angry. Then you’ll find him in the top category? He’s also a Grey hat hacker because his hacking depends on his intentions or thoughts.

Anarchists: Anarchists are hackers who like to break into different computer security systems or any other system. They work out the opportunity to target.


Crackers: Sometimes harmful hackers are called crackers. Bad hookers are crackers. Their shock or career is to break the vibes password and create Trojan Horses and other harmful software. (Are you one of them? They use or sell these harmful software for their own gain.


Script kiddies: They’re not real. They don’t have any real knowledge of hacking. They download or purchase different Ware and then use hacking.


Hackers hack in many ways. I’m discussing a few types of hacking:


Pissing: You know something about. I’m sharing a few links below to learn better and protect yourself from.


Denial of Service Attack: The Civil of Service Attack is a process where hackers can enter a network without access and lose its ability. DoS Attack increases net connection or router tariff.


Trojan Horses: A program that destroys other programs. It’s known as a virus. Trojan Horses uses other programs to access the lost pass password or other information to hackers.

Back Doors: Back Doors find which system hackers use. Back Doors are administratively easy routes, configuration errors, easy-to-understand passwords, and unsaved dial-ups connections, etc. They’re using computers to find out these errors. They also use other weak places to use a network.


Rogue Access Points: Hackers use Rogue Access Points to access a wireless network.


There are also many other ways hackers can hack into what they can learn slowly. I want to inform you that your computer or network system will not be compromised. I’m not a hacker. I’m an anti-hacker. It’s my job to prevent hacking or hackers.


Some of the most important tricks to avoid hacking:

  • Avoid downloading or using any unknown software even if your friend says it (not all friends, you don’t trust them again). If a software is to be downloaded at all, please check it on the net.
  • Check the address of the sat when logging in to a site. Avoid logging in anywhere with a link from the mail.
  • If you are a developer, you must have a better understanding of security than the general user.
  • Give the password more than 8 digits at all times. Key generators can break more digital passwords with a normal computer. Avoid password ingesting as many numbers as you can. And now Unicode supports almost all sites, so if you use a word, use the country’s word yourself that’s easy to remember. So don’t say I’m asking you to use the word. Avoid using as many words as you can. Don’t say the English word full.
  • And avoid logging into unknown sites.Please follow every steps to keep you save from hacking! Have a good day! <3


Rafiuzzaman Chowdhury Shimanto 

Junior Nautical Officer Cadet

Bangladesh Marine Academy , Chittagong


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