Indoor plants: Living Decor for Your Fresh Home

Home !! It’s not only a place; It’s a feeling. In this busy modern life, home is the place where we can take a fresh breath. After a long tiring day, when we return home, it will calm our soul.


 Home Decor Is a common term in our life. As we are getting more busy day by day, it is obvious to have some decor in our home o—modern interior based on simplicity but heartful. So Indoor plants are prioritized more. Another very dominant cause of choosing indoor plants as the decor is minimalist care.


 What plants are grown as indoor plants ? or how much care do they need ?? I am going to focus on the answer to these two vital questions. I am going to introduce a few indoor plants to you also and their care routine.


We want a new home without more chores. In this article, I will tell you about s 8 indoor plants, which are low maintenance.


Red Aglaonema

 The first plan I am going to talk about is Red Aglaonema. Its pinkish-red color makes it more stylish, one of the most natural indoor plants to manage. It can grow in low, moderate, or high light. But it will bloom more in color in medium light. If you water it once in a week, it will be alright.


Snake Plants

 Purification of air is done by this indoor plant through absorbing toxin by leaf. It also produces oxygen, where most other plants release carbon dioxide. The place with indirect light is appropriate for this plant. It doesn’t require watering frequently when the soil gets dry. You can place it anywhere in the home.


Aloe Plant

Aloe plants will be the right choice for the table. It only needs a little care of sunshine and water. You can easily keep the plant alive by watering once a week. Sometimes it is said that aloe vera is good to stay in the house; it creates a gentle vibe.


Asparagus Fern

For a boho feel at your home, you can use a sewing plant holder. Indirect light is sufficient for this plant. You got watering when the soil got dry. It needs moderate light for growing; otherwise, the leaf color got changed.



Dragon Tree

This indoor plant is perfect with spiky Leaves that grow upwards. It doesn’t need direct sunlight. It will be alright in moderate sunlight and a little watering. This low maintenance dragon tree has a fantastic site; that is, it can be quickly grown up in winter.



Golden Pothos

It is a leafy plant that Can be put on a sweet spot in your home. It can be grown in low or moderate light. Direct sunlight must be avoided. Watering the plants for only keeping the soil moist, it is enough.


Spider Plant

This is a fast-growing plant that produces a baby plant. And then you can quickly transfer to another pot. This plant may have flowers in the summertime. It is considered as a most adaptable plant which can overgrow in partial light and low watering.


ZZ Plant

ZZ plant’s official name is Zamioculcas zamiifolia. It is best for indirect light. Direct sunlight sometimes causes harm to this plant. It can quickly grow in your home or office desk, which needs a minimal amount of water.


Greenery makes you feel peach. It is said that even looking towards green can make your eyes energized. There are different types of plants around you. You can pick it in your choice but try to maintain them.

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