JADUKATA- Visiting The most Beautiful Blue River of Bangladesh


Bangladesh is a country of rivers. there is flowing more than 700 rivers in Bangladesh. The natural beauty of Bangladesh attracts the tourists. And there are some places in Bangladesh which are heavenly. In those places you can feel your soul. Among them Jadukata river of Sunamgonj is in my priority list.


Jadukata River is a blue river and it is the most beautiful river of Bangladesh. It is situated in Laurergorh under Tahirpur Upazilla in Sunamgonj District.In earlier days this river was called The Renuka. Jadukata River is originated from the Meghalaya Hills of India & flows into Bangladesh.


The Jadukata river is very wide in the rainy season. If you visit in the winter, the mile long sandy bank will tell you about the fierceness of the river at rainy season. The color of the water is bluish. It’s very clear that you can almost see the river bed from the bank. You’ll find lot of large stones everywhere on the bank.

This river has produced lot of brunches & canals, but all of those joined with the Surma River. Water of the river is Crystal clear. You can see the downside of the river through the river.The shrine of Hazrat Shah Arefin (R) is situated beside the river. Spectacularly visible behind the shrine (in the rainy season) is a waterfall. On the other side of the river is a beautiful hill popularly known as Bariker Tilla, behind which there is a church. Beside the church is a narrow westward road that leads to the village of the Garo indigenous community.

Things you can do there-You can enjoy the heavenly view of the river from the Baric Tilla and you also can enjot a boat ride. You can take picture s cause the scenery is very awsome and beautiful. You can enjoy the peace of your mind there.


This river has produced lot of brunches & canals, but all of those joined with the Surma River.Winter season is the perfect time to visit the Jadukata river because in Rainy season the water level of the river rises and floods the low lands. Sometimes the water rises so much that the high lands also drown under water. On the other hand in winter season the water level decreases and you can enjoy the scenery better than rainy season. You also can take a walk on the bank of the river which is very much enjoyable.

How to go there?
there is no direct rail or water way to this river . You have to go there by road.At first you have to reach sunamgonj. You can go there by rail or air ways but for that you have to go to Sylhet and then you can reach Sunamgonj by a local bus from Sylhet. It will take one hour from Sylhet.
After reaching Sunamgonj you have to hire motor bike. It is around 300 taka for two people on a bike from Sunamganj town. It will take 60-80 minutes to reach the beautiful river.
Where to stay?
Local people stay there in their own little huts and houses but there is no hotel or motels there so you cannot stay there. But you can stay in Sonamgonj. there are many hotel and motels in Sunamgonj. And price of those hotels and motels are in range .So you can stay there without hesitation.
There is a hillock there which is known as Barik Tila. Barik Tila is 150 feet tall and there is a pillar in the Tila which is the border of Bangladesh and India. That pillar is very small and it is not seen from every angel of the Tila so you have to be very careful. You can enjoy the view of the river from there but you have to be careful about the border cause The BSF is always watching that area.
there are some shops there where you can buy some snacks and juice but it will be wiser to carry some foods there.
Jadukata watercourse is one amongst the foremost enticing holidaymaker spots and delightful place at Sunamganj in Sylhet division, overshadowed by semitropical mountains and rain-forests. people who loves the natural beauty, Jadukata Nodi is a decent selected. 

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