Lakme make up brand and skin products of Bangladesh

Lakme makeup products of Bangladesh 


A fashionable girl couldn’t stay without makeup. If you are searching for the best brand of makeup to buy go over my article entirely. Makeup accumulations on your attitude. A luxurious makeup makes your impression in front of others. People will be impressed to see your outer personality. Never show any cheap impressions of yourself to others. A bad impression can demolish your personality. 

You should choose the best one for you. The world has many branded and expensive makeup brands. We will tell you about the best brand in India that we know as Lakme. Lakme brand is also famous in Bangladesh.

What about Lakme’s quality??


Lakme provides world-class skincare products and cosmetics. Furthermore, they have popular salons all over the world. Their quality is also decent. They have a huge collection of their products. Lake is one of the best products in the world. Indian girls are like very much Lake products. Especially, the stylish and standard girls are extremely like these products. It is a favorable choice for skincare. Moreover, it will build up a glorious appearance for you. If you will use it, you won’t dislike it anymore. Fashion makes your attitude, don’t be careless to choose the best product for you and your skincare. 

Products by Lakme:


Lakme has perfect, sufficient, and decent products for girls. They provide favorable service through their skincare and cosmetics. Extensively, girls like their Rose face powder, cheek color, and matte mousse lip products. These are delightful products of them. Lakme had made their own position in the world.


Let’s check out Lakme’s products:


Lakme includes : 

1.Foundation and Prime 






4.Face Moisturisers


5.Kajal and Eyeliner


6.Lip gloss



8.Nail Polish



10.Makeup kit

The Best Five Makeup Products of Lakme:

  1. Lakme Eyeconic Kajal


Lake Eyeconic Kajal is a decent product for any fashionable girl. It became a hit product. Nevertheless, fake products are selling in markets instead of real products. You can buy this product in five shades. Blue,water-proof,smudge-proof,pigmented, long-lasting. We will need to be careful about product products. Fake products couldn’t fulfill your demand. Your eyes can make you more beautiful. It is one of the beautiful fractions of your face. Your eyes will increase your beauty. If you wanna be gorgeous and attractive, you will need to choose sufficient products for your eyes. As a Kajal, Lakme will give you an amazing appearance. 

  1. Lakme Eyeliner


It is a favorable eyeliner for girls. It isn’t so expensive but it is a branded product. You will find it with a low budget. Your eyes will look attractive after using it. You couldn’t compare it, in low budgeted products because it isn’t like these products. If you won’t get the perfect look you have to be sure about your product, it would be a fake product. If you want the real product, you will need to check out the barcode of the product.


3.Lakme Absolute Skin Natural Mousse


The foundation has multi qualities. It will reduce your fine lines, blocking your pores. Moreover, it can provide you, gorgeous makeup looks for 16 hours. You won’t feel exhausted after using it, because it conveys a weightless feeling. This foundation is acquiring an outstanding base. Furthermore, you will find 9 shades of it. This foundation might be a sufficient product for daily use. You will need to choose it according to your skin. Everything isn’t sufficient for every skin. We will need to choose the eligible products for your skin. Because everyone’s skin isn’t alike. So, you should choose products that your skin wants.


  1. Lakme Absolute Blur Perfect Makeup Primer


A primer is must needed if you wanna a long-lasting makeup look. It will work wonderfully to restore your pores. It contains a lightweight, also it will give you a velvety finish look, you can use it as a base on your skin. If your skin is oily, you should apply it.

It will help you to hide your oil. Oily skin creates many problems. Non-brand products can build up problems on your skin while wearing makeup. Nevertheless, you can use Lakme primer without any doubt. It will be best for oily or any other skin.


  1. Lakme Perfecting Liquid Foundation 


This foundation is one of the best foundations all over the world. It includes enormous qualities. It will recover spots, blemishes, and dark spots. This is available in four shades. It will give you a unique look that can make your impression on others. It will make you incredible in front of people. Foundation is required for a complete makeup look but a non-brand foundation can demolish your makeup look. If you will require a marvelous look you will need to select a special foundation. I will recommend you to choose the lakme foundation because it is the best one. 


Lakme products price in Bangladesh:


Lakme is the perfect brand for your skincare and beauty. Although, it is a world-class product. It is also available in Bangladesh at a low price. Let’s have a look to find out these products price:


  1.Lakme 9 to 5 Cc Complexion Care Care:550 to

2.Lakme Eyeconic Kajal:300 to

3.Lakme 9 to 5 Primer Matte Lip color: 790tk

4.Lakme Insta-Liner Water Resistant Eyeliner:340

6.Lakme 9 to 5 Long Wear Nail Color:420

7.Lakme 9-5 primer + Matte Lipstick size -19(3.6GM):750


8.Lakme eyebrow pencil-125


9.Lakme Enrich Matte lipstick size-14:420


10.Iconic Caring Mascara -580

11.Lakme Nail Color Remover: 125

12.Lakme perfect reduce day cream:400



Lakme is one of the best companies in India. It includes many skincare and beauty products. It contains an excellent collection of products. Currently, it is very popular in the market. This company has eyeliner, lipstick, lip gloss, Mahal, foundation, etc. Furthermore,  they have skincare products like lotions, creams. Their products are incredibly beneficial for the skin. It won’t be harmful to your skin. These will convey to you the great appearance. These products will be an enormous choice to reduce your skin problems and enrich your skin improvement. 


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