Linux!! The matter of your Safety!!

From our mobile phones to laptops, desktops, servers and even supercomputers, Linux plays an important role. For this reason we must know about Linux. Before learning about Linux, we need to have a basic idea about computer operating system. We computer users never think about how computers work. We just let the computer do the work and instead the computer completes our work. But the computer has to complete many processes to do every task given to us. The programs that we use to perform various tasks on the computer, such as music video play, document creation, email, etc. These are basically called applications. And the place where all these applications run or run is called the operating system.  


Basically the operating system does all the basic work of the computer. For example, as soon as we give any command to the computer, the computer does our work. In addition, when the computer’s processor heats up at different times, the automatic cooling fan is turned on, and all these tasks are mainly performed by the operating system. The application basically works by following the commands given to us and making connections to different types of hardware by forcing work on the operating system.

What is Linux?

Why use Linux?

You must have understood Linux by now. The most popular computing operating system today is Windows. And yes, Windows is definitely gaining a lot of popularity from its own case. But Windows or Mac operating systems do not allow users and developers to do what they want. You cannot modify many files even if you are an admin of Windows machine. If you are a regular computer user, Windows is a good operating system for you. But if you are a developer, you will lose the most freedom in Windows. Because it is a closed operating system.

But on the other hand Linux is a kernel completely Free. Where there are many Distros to work with this kernel. And with it you can do whatever you want. There are separate Distros for almost all computing systems. For example, there is Ubuntu or Mint for desktop computing, there is Android for mobile and even Linux version is used in super computers.

Linux is always focused on security and getting stronger.

Windows, on the other hand, is always focused on how to maximize usage. This is why Linux is always used in most server security systems and it is very popular for completing complex tasks.


So it can be said that Linux is the best alternative system of Windows for computing. In the last few years, Linux’s desktop distro has undergone many changes and brought a simple user interface. As a result, even if you are used to using Windows or Mac, Linux will not be difficult for you.

Benefits of Linux!

Linux has many advantages and its biggest advantage is that it is very Secure. This means that by using it you will get rid of viruses, Trojans etc. Moreover, you can use Linux distros for free. Where we have to spend hundreds of dollars to use Windows. Most of the time with Linux distro all the necessary applications are pre-installed and you can also install different packages for free as per your requirement. This is a much bigger advantage than Windows.

You can also use the Windows application on Linux using Wine. So this is also a big advantage. The new Linux kernel-based Steam operating system has over 1,000 games. Linux has live CD / DVD and USB features. You do not need to have Linux installed on your computer to run it. Just plug in Linux USB to your machine and you can use it when you play. Since there are many distros in Linux, you can select the distro of your choice. But you will never get such benefits in Windows.

If there is a problem with Windows, you have to re-setup Windows, but any problem with Linux can be solved by itself, without having to re-install your computer’s operating system at all. Moreover, Linux has the advantage of using multi-desktop. Which has been added to Windows-Windows 10.

So lastly I strongly recommend you to use Linux for every single work which will be done by Internet. Because Safety Matters! Stay Safe!
Salam! <3 



Rafiuzzaman Chowdhury Shimanto 

Junior Nautical Officer Cadet

Bangladesh Marine Academy , Chittagong

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