Mithamain -One of the most beautiful roads in Bangladesh

Now I will write Mithamain Upazila Kishoreganj,the most popular place in Bangladesh, If you want to go to Mithamin, first of all you will have to go to Kishoreganj, You can come to Kishoreganj by bus or train from Dhaka if you want. Besides, if you have a book, you can come directly to Kishoreganj. If you don’t want to come alone, you can bring a friend with you, Then the trip will not be boring. Or you can come up with any group. Since the distance from Dhaka to Kishoreganj is not much. So you can come and go during the day if you want. This will cost you less money.


From Kishoreganj you have to come to a place called Balikhola  Ghat. Balikhola Ghat is located in Karimganj upazila of Kishoreganj. If you want to go to Mithamin from Balikhola Ghat, you have to go by boat. From Balikhola Ghat you will have to take a boat to go to Mithamin. The fare for coming and going by boat will be around 800 taka only. If you take a big boat, the fare will be a little higher, but it is like 1500 taka only. Honda usually crosses these boats. So if you can rent a little more with a group then the cost will be very low.


It will take about 1 hour to go from Balikhola Ghat to Mithamin by boat. This one hour boat trip will enliven your mind. And the sound of the blue water show around will fill your mind with joy. And you will be fascinated by the beauty of nature and close your eyes. As far as you go, this beauty will stick with you like a shadow. This is like a strange game of nature.


This sweetener has become popular for the road, the feature of this road is the road in the middle of the river on both sides. Being a road in the middle of the river, the beauty of Mithamin has gained a different significance to the people who love to travel. So everyone goes to Mithamin to spend some nice time with friends with Honda. It can be said in this way this is One of the most beautiful roads in Bangladesh. The truth is that the beauty of Mithamin cannot be explained in this way.


Last but not least, the time and money spent is much less. You can come back for a day if you want. If possible, come back from Mithamin by Honda.

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