Nightcrawler: Journalistic and Social Positioning (Based on Ethics, Dilemma and Media Practices)

The director Dan Gilroy of the movie Nightcrawler has diligently designed the character Louis Bloom as an unethical outsourcer. Generally, no freelancer or outsourcer are considered as a professional journalist and so they don’t tend to follow the journalistic ethical grounds. Simultaneously, most of the news house break the ethical grounds to increase their TRP.


Chart: Ethical position (practicing ground) of society, media house and journalism Chart: Ethical position (practicing ground) of society, media house and journalism.

Journalistic Position: Hardly Ethical Ground

At the very beginning of the movie, we have seen very weak ethical grounds in the present journalism practice. The position of media house and a journalist is very insignificant like the one shown in the movie of the frank Kruse character (assignment editor of the house). On the other hand, the chaotic situation that surrounded the male lead Louis Bloom, hero of this movie, rather acted as an encouragement for the journalist and the media house. For instance, the practice of ethical in this field is feeble. We failed to hold our ethical position, the way frank Kruse did.

Social Position: Capitalism and voyeurism

Secondly, the capitalistic system is giving us a very clear picture of how our society is controlled by it, at present. The director wanted to establish the current situation of it, through this movie and used the journalism and the media house as a platform. Capitalism is showing how to maximize the profit, through dishonesty. The character of the male lead is showing how the citizen journalism or freelancing has been modified. They are creating disappointment and indirectly they are trying to prove that money is the greatest of all, therefore sell yourself. One can’t earn if ethics are followed. So ‘if it bleeds, it leads’.

We see another position in the society along with capitalism, and that is voyeurism, which is identified as the passive way of sadistic happiness. We have seen the character ‘Nina’ as a voyeurism news head or CEO in the movie, where she tells to use the graphical images very often

Ethical approaches:

the chevalier Louis Bloom was seen as a hedonist, in the movie. He tried to show the Kantian approach, as he thinks it’s his duty to collect footage, but he expresses Kantian as the way he wants.

We have seen the Head of the media house, Nina as the same approach. Frank Kruse was seen in an altruistic and golden means position. Apart from this, the main character Louis was seen to play the ‘Moore and Ayer ‘linguistic turn which is said to be influenced by the Naturalistic fallacy approach.


The director of the movie has portrayed the use of capitalism and how the profession is modified, and turned journalism as ‘cash journalism’. Here ethics is used as a facade. Anything is shown in the name of graphics and pixelate. The director also excellently portrayed the ‘Pragmatic views of truth’ through footage collection. In conclusion it is shown how awareness can be created keeping all unethical grounds and bad deeds in knowledge.

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