One day trip to Sylhet at Lowest cost

Today I will tell you how to go to Bichanakandi and Pantumai in Sylhet at low cost. If you want to go to Bichanakandi and Pantumai, you have to go to Sylhet city first. Then you can book Upaban Express ticket from Dhaka Kamalapur to Sylhet at 9:50 pm. A ticket will cost 320 taka (elegant chair), Then you will reach Sylhet city at 5:30 in the morning, moreover, if you do not get a train ticket, you can come by bus for 480 taka. Get off at the station and have breakfast early. To go to Bichanakandi and Pantumai, first you have to go to Hadarpar Trawler Ghat, From Sylhet city you have to go to Hadarpar Trawler Ghat by CNG. The per person rent will be 350 taka, Hadarpar Ghat is about 60 km from Sylhet city,


The trawler has to be extended down to Hadarpar Ghat, 10-20 people can go in one trawler, The per person rent will be around 125-250 taka, In other words, the more people there are, the lower the cost will be. Before raising the trawler, make a good deal with them about where to turn. It takes about 1:30 minutes to reach Panthumai from Hadarpar by trawler. The further you go, the more you will see the beauty of nature. The surrounding green hills will fill your soul. Pantumai has gone to see a very beautiful fountain from the trawler. Which will make your mind better.


Sometimes you will have all the beauty creators of the world put here. The Pantumai Mayaboti  fountain is beautiful to look at which cannot be overstated. On the way to the fountain, Aquatic plants repeatedly covered the plants of different species. It was like a combination of green. When you see the color of the water of Mayaboti spring like blue sky, you want to touch it once. After touring Pantumai, let’s go to Bichanakandi. It takes about 1 hour to go to Bichanakandi by trawler. You can go to Bichnakandi to see the enchanting view. A very budding photographer in Bichanakandi will take your picture. The exchange will charge 2 or 3 taka for each picture depending on the price. If you want, you can take pictures and capture some of your memories. Please don’t find any plastic bags or bottles there. It spoils the beauty of nature. If you want, you can take a bath in the clean water of Bichanakandi.


In my opinion, using toilet is the most expensive here. You can use the toilet for only 30 taka. The market for Indian products sits right next to Bichanakandi. If you want you can buy products from there for very little money. The so-called stomach contract food is available here. Lunch at Bichanakandi will cost 100-150 taka per person, Food must be eaten sparingly and remember the price. Because when his meal is over, he steals with the price. One more thing, drink mineral water for the whole trip. Refrain from drinking open water, Then it takes 1:30 minutes to reach Hadarpar Trawler Ghat by trawler from Bichanakandi. Then come to Sylhet city by CNG in the same way and return to Dhaka by bus or train. One day and two night trips will cost a total of 1400-1600 taka per person

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