One night in Sajek Valley

Hello readers, today I would like to inform you about the Sajak Valley trip. Sajek Valley is located in Khagrachari district. You have to go to Khagrachari by bus from Dhaka city. The bus fare will be 620-650 taka.You can also buy tickets online, In that case you have to pay extra 50 taka, Khagrachari You must go to Baghaihat. There are two ways to go from Baghaihat to Sajek Valley,First at the motor circle.Secondly, it canderagari. The journey from Baghaihat to Sajek Valley will cost 800 taka per person.

The hills on both sides and the curved path surrounded by greenery around you will make your mind happy, This is how you will find a long 60 km road like this. The beauty of the Sajak Valley cannot be overstated. What you will see and understand is that you are moving to Sajak Valley is a beautiful colorful house next to you, Which will touch the inside of your mind. These rooms are your charming Resort where you will stay. You can take rooms from these resorts according to your needs and budget. It will cost up to 1,000-3,000 taka to get a room for one day. If you want to stay in Sajak Valley, you have to book a room in advance, and make some money in advance. Otherwise, you can’t stay there for the night.

Now let’s come to some of the famous food of Sajek Valley. First of all you have to say in advance for the food you will eat. Sajek has about 13 restaurants. You can order food at any restaurant if you want. Some delicious foods were named. bamboo chicken, bamboo tea, B.B.Q chicken, etc. More variety of local and foreign food is available. When it comes to food prices, the normal price is later. There are also a variety of stores where you can buy the things you like at very low cost. Another thing is to ask the price well before eating the food.

When you see Sajek Valley, you will feel like a piece of heaven in the middle of the earth. If you want to enjoy the morning beauty of Sajak then you have to wake up very early in the morning. Must get up before sunrise, Then you will come out of the room and see the whole Sajek who is surrounded by clouds, These feelings cannot be expressed in words. Really wonderful unexpected, The mind and soul will all cool down, such a beautiful world has never been seen before, He will be able to understand how beautiful the creation of the Creator can be, In the end I can say that you can turn around from Sajek Valley for only 3,000-4,000 taka, This trip will be the best trip of your life in less money.

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  1. This is an wonderful post and i believe that it will be very helpful for those who will go outside of Dhaka for visiting purpose….

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