PUBG – Story behind The Game!

PUBG is a online multiplayer game. This game was released in March,2017 and it was created by Brendan Greene who lives in South Korea . This game is played by more than 227 million people worldwide. this game has several modes and sections. those are Classic match, Arcade match, Arena and playlab.

Among them Classic match is played many times more than any other sections. In Classic mode there are four permanent maps and the maps are known as Erangle, Miramar, Vikendi, Sanhok. In Arcade mode there are three sections one is Quick match, another is Sniper Training and the last one is War. Arena has four sections and these are Arena training, Team Deathmatch, Domination and Assault. the last mode Playlab has two sections and they are Payload and Ragegear-TDM. Seasons counted on PUBG. 13 seasons has been passed and season 14 is running. one season expires after 8 weeks. In every season there comes different events and temporary mapstheres  are 6 servers of PUBG. these  ASIA, NORTH AMERICA, MIDDLE EAST, SOUTH AMERICA and EUROPE, KRJP. PUBG is played in different lobby’s. Each lobby contains 100 players. When the match starts a Plane goes trough the map and players jumps in different parts of the map. players can pick different guns to fight with enemy’s and there are different types of items to heal the damage like Health kits,Medi kits, Energy drinks, Pain killers, Bandages. there are also different types of grenade. you can play this game in a squad with your friends or with random players. you also can play this match solo, duo or trio. there are many types of skins for the gun which increases the power of the gun. When you kill all the enemy’s and win the match your rank will increase and you will get CHICKEN DINNER and that is the happiest moment of the gameplay.   You can get skins for free if your luck supports and you also can buy them with UC . UC is a PUBG currency you can buy them if you have enough money. There is a Royal pass and a Elite pass in PUBG. You can buy royal and Elite pass by spending UC. Other currency’s of PUBG are BP  and AG. You can buy different types of clothes with BP and AG. If you play this game on mobile you need at lest  2GB ram but for better experience you have to buy phone which has ram more than 3GB and good processor. Talking about the size of this game, pubg is 2gb game but with additional files it needs more than 4gb space.You can also play this game on computer after downloading emulator. GAMELOOP is the best emulator for playing PUBG on computer. I am also a PUBG player. According to me, this game is very addictive and violent. You can play this can for enjoying your freetime but you should not become addicted to PUBG.

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