The Saint Martin island

Today I will talk about Saint Martin, the only strong island in Bangladesh. Cox’s Bazar is located in the southernmost part of the country, 120 km from the district. The island, which is only 8 km wide, is locally called Coconut Ginger, Blue sky blue waters of the sea and the friendship between the rows of coconut trees worth another baisistrrera, And for this reason, people who are thirsty for travel often run to Saint Martin. Winter is usually the best time to visit Saint Martin. If you want to come from any district of Bangladesh, you must first come to Teknaf upazila of Cox’s Bazar district.


Then you have to come to Saint Martin by ship or pick up from Teknaf. However, you should keep in mind that the ship leaves Teknaf between 9-9: 30 in the morning. So you need to be present at Teknaf before this time. If you want to go directly from Dhaka, you have to come to Teknaf by bus. The growth of the bus usually depends on the type of bus. You will get a bus between 1000-1200 taka. Which you must collect in advance. You can also book from the bus counter or online. Take the time to go to the bus 10-12 hours. The bus usually leaves between 7-8 pm and reaches Ghulo Teknaf before 9 am.


To go from Teknaf to Saint Martin, one has to pay 550-1000 taka to grow it. You can go here and collect ship tickets if you want. Each ship has a specific counter, On weekends you have to book a ticket in advance. You can pick it up at the bus counter if you want. Most importantly, if you want to stay in Saint Martin, you need to book a hotel room in advance. Moreover, it is very difficult to find hotels open during the season. If you think that I am not going to come and go day by day. Saint Martin’s ship tickets usually have to go and return tickets together. All you have to do is say when you will return. It takes about 2-3 hours to get to Saint Martin by ship.


Saint Martin will have to stay one night. One room for two will cost up to 1500-3000 taka. You can collect the room at a higher price if you want. Let’s come to the natural beauty. Here you will actually find clear sea water, the color of which will be blue. You will be very happy to see that. And you will find different species of marine fish that you can buy and cook if you want. Moreover, you can take a bath in the sea water, Can’t end with a description of Saint Martin’s beauty. If you want, you can take some pictures in the middle of this beautiful natural beauty, which will touch your memory page. You will enjoy every moment spent here. You can spend one night in Saint Martin if you want for only 5000 taka.Which will be a memorable trip in your life.



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