Skydiving in Thailand

I am writing today, I will bring Skydiving, everyone will read the writing and you will like it. Today’s blog is an exciting blog. Today I will share with you my Sky Drive experience from 13000 thousand feet. Now let’s start with the experience of Sky Drive. The first thing you need to do if you want to give a sky drive from Bangladesh. Must collect Thailand visa. Then get off at the airport in Thailand and go straight to Thailand Pattaya City. Get up at any hotel in Pattaya City, and one more thing you can book a hotel in advance if you want, For this you can get information from the hotel’s web site or book a hotel by talking directly to the phone number.


You must be over 18 years old to view Sky Drive. However, if a 12-year-old wants to pay, he can do so with the special permission of his parents, Sky drive cannot be given in any way by drinking alcohol, One thing to keep in mind is that due to the weather, SkyDrive’s Schedule can change at any moment. The basic weight limit of Sky Drive is 113 kg. However, in some cases, with extra charge, it can give people overweight and sky drive, It is better to go after T-shirt, jeans and shoe for sky drive. Sandals and high heels are not accepted there, If it is very cold on top, you can wear full sleeves and jump.


This time let’s talk about the cost of Sky Drive. The tandem jump will cost 10350 baht per person, and you can also book photo and video packages with this jump. With the Photography & Video Pack, you’ll need an extra 4,800 baht. If you jump with 2-3 people, the cost will be less, then the cost will be 9,900 baht, And if it is more than 4 people, it will cost 9500 baht. If you are willing to give a sky drive then taking a group of 4-5 people will reduce the cost a lot. And most importantly, if you want to pay for Sky Drive, you must book online in advance. If you want to give Skydrive in Thailand you can collect all your information from this web site.


Let’s talk about tandem jump this time, During this jump you have to jump with an expert jumper, After descending for about 1 minute at a speed of 220 kmph, the parachute opened. And the parachute landed on the ground in 5 minutes with 2 people, Another thing is to go to the office of Thai Sky Drive and first they have to fill in an application form. Forms have to be filled and some of the conditions given to them have to be signed. Knowing that this is a dangerous job, some people are injured and killed every year when they go for this drive. For this, the authorities of Sky Drive got the paper signed. And you have to sign a fitness pledge. Then you have to go to Skydrive. Finally it can be said that Sky Drive is a very expensive drive. I can’t describe it as the joy of driving.

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