Story of a historical landlord palace


Today I will tell one of the archeological monuments near in dhaka and also tell you how to go to there .Murapara Rajbari is located in a village called murapara which in Rupganj upozila of Narayanganj district.


Its road distance from dhaka is 18 is connected 5 km stretch of bumpy brick-paved feeder.Road on the west of main dhaka-sylhet trunk road. One can make a single day trip and visit the place.Easily.if you are from dhaka ,you have to use dhaka Chittagong highway.when you are at bhulta bazar


Just ask local people. you can go there by bike or your one transport.BRTC Bus service also available .local also call it Matherghat Zaminder Bari.This zamindar bari was build by Ramratan Banerjee.the murapara palace is situated on 72 bighas of land.The two -storied zamindar bari has 96 rooms .there are two ponds ,large pond in front of the house.


And other is small pond at the back.zamindae vijay chandar Banerjee dug two pond.the palace has Several dance halls ,stables,temples,corridors and bed rooms.the temple hight is 30 feet.the temple Location in the palace premise.the main room of the temple quite small and dark adjacent to the side Of the tample is a shady calm green Amrakan the tree are quits old .shaking trees are same size. Spreading twing much like an umbeella. there is a large Gate at the entrance to the main palace. corridor build the,Iron crestal Green red and blue glasses,so its very coourful.after his death his son Pratap chandar Banarjee


Left the old house in 189 and buid another palace at the back its said that Jagadish Chandra Banarjee,Completed this building in 1909 . he was twice elected councilor of Delhi.Jagadish chandar Banerjee made.Many things during his said that prince dwarkanath tagor the great -grandfather of Rabindranath


Tagor was friends with Pratap Banerjee on the purchase of zamindari . in 1200BC oppression and abuseOf power began against the people . butifull girl bride of the house ,if you look tham greedily you will not.


Be relieved .gradually the level of oppression continues to rise .and even today those  stories of torture,Are spread like a fairy tale in the countryside.during partition they moved to Calcutta.zaminder ramratan banarjee was a trusted Person in British Indigo planter during the british colonial period.after the partition of the Indian subcontinent in 1947,the palace was taken over by the government of Pakistan and a hospital set up here.


In 1986 school And collage activities were conducted here.during the war 1971 ,many ornate portion of palace was the Plundered by people.two ststus of lions at the gate of the palace boundary and both of the both of tham stolen that time. after the war this palace used as a refugee camp.


After independence in 1977 the Bangladesh department of archology took charge of the palac and listed It as an archeological site. The house is still standing with its held high as a silent witness of the great time.


Along the banka of the shitalakshya present this palace is being used as murapara degree collage. Many historical patterns are lost in the flow of time .we shouldpreserve them properly so that our history Can be passed on to the next generation.

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