The Fight to save own ! Fight Of Israeli !

If Israel gives up its weapons today, tomorrow Israel  won’t be found on the map of the world, but Israel may defend itself. Israel has been in the grip of a war of survival since its birth and has been hit six times so far. The divisional war between The Jews and Arab militia turned into a full war with the British declaration of “Mandate of Palestine” in 1948. The Jews attacked Israel in Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, and the end of The Free Syrian Day. The Jews won the war with the wounds of World War II, and the Jews were the Phoenix birds, the mythological birds born of the ashes burned in potassium cyanide zeclon gas in the concentration camp. Israel signed a cease-fire agreement with the Arab-Israeli war-losing countries in 1948 and the border was set, which we know as the Green Line.

But the people of the countries with whom the war break (see the names) are so wounded by the culture of the country that they illegally enter Israel by digging tunnels along the border of Syria, Egypt, Jordan, throwing rockets, throwing stones, killing civilians, bombing school children, taking hostages, and returning with a sudden attack. Arab countries all found the Fedin militant group. They attacked the smugglers. The Israeli security forces, spies, scientists, businessmen, researchers, all came together to fight the Israeli regular army from 1950 to 1960. Then there was the historic and ridiculous six-day war of 1967. Neighboring Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, THE UAE jointly attacked and defeated Israel. Because of the cease-fire, Israel drew new border lines from Jordan to the West Bank, including a part of West Jerusalem, the Golan Heights from Syria, and the Sinai and Gaza Valley from Egypt.

Israel was in a low-level war zone from 1967 to 1970. Egypt started the war against Israel to recapture the Sinai land that was captured in the six-day war. The Palestinian Liberation Organization (PTO) of the then Soviet Union, Jordan, Syria and Ya sir Arafat helped Egypt with everything. But in the profit’s sand-making land, Egypt cannot save the land. Egypt, desperate to restore the lost territory with Syria, attacked the Jews on October 26, 1973, on the important day of the Jewish “Yom Kipper”. The country captured both Sinai and Golan Heights but was defeated by Israel army in a short while. The Israeli Air Force has destroyed all the Egyptian air base with no damage. The Egyptian son didn’t even get the chance to fly.

Israel was forced to engage in war with Lebanon in 1982. Since 1971, the Palestinian Liberation Organization has changed their tactics of war to move from Jordan to western Lebanon and to attack Israeli military installations. In response, Israel launched Operation Litany and released the PTO. Israel began a total war in 1982 in response to continuous rocket attacks. The Israeli ambassador to England, Shlomo Argov, was killed in an attack by a militant organization named Abu Nidal. So war became inevitable. Israel eliminated the Palestinian Liberation Organization from Lebanon in this war with Lebanon and strengthened security at the Lebanese border. Israel has no rest from the war. In 1985, the Iranian-backed Lebanese Hezbollah militant group in Lebanon attacked Israel. From 1985 to 2000, the country had to fight with terrorist groups funded by various countries. Meanwhile, Israeli protests between Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip erupted between 1987 and 1993.

As long as the Jewish soul is alive, deep in my heart,
Eyes will be on the east to find a Jew.
Still, there’s hope, two thousand years old.
Free people will roam our land,
Never will the Love of Judaism be destroyed,
Jewish land, my Jerusalem.

[The Hebrew name of the poem above is Hatikvah, whose English words hope. Polish-born Ukrainian poet Naftali Herz Imber wrote Hatikvah poetry in 1886, and Samuel Cohen wrote the poem in 1888. When The Jews were captured in 1944, when the Nazi forces entered the gas chambers of the Auschwitz and Burkina Concentration Camps, the Jews of Czechoslovakia sang The Hatikvah poem as a song. Israel accepted the poem as the national anthem of Israel when the Jewish state was formed in 1948.

Despite the prophecy that the Jewish nation will not be permanent lids until the last day of the world, the 72nd Independence Day was celebrated in Israel on May 14. I’m finishing the writing by translating the poem “To Israel” by Yochi Davis, a Jewish poet.

“Even if Israel is burned to death still have no other country.
What a great yearning I have to hear a word in Hebrew,
Every vein in the body and my soul,
My body is in pain, my hungry heart knows Israel is my country.
I will not be silent,
My country is changing, the world politics is being distorted today,
But I will not give up to remind him of it again and again,
I will sing the song of incompatibility with his mouth near his ears.
Until he opens his eyes. “

That’s it for now! Hope you enjoyed it! 

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