The Palace- The largest resort in Bangladesh

Today I will talk about The Palace Luxury Resort, This resort is located in Habiganj district of Sylhet. The distance from Dhaka to The Palace Luxury Resort is 160-160 kilometers, This resort is the largest five star resort in Bangladesh. Seeing this resort, it seems that the name has been appropriate. It takes about 4-5 hours to reach the Palace Resort from Dhaka. The Palace Resort is situated in the natural environment of Habiganj District Bahubal Upazila. This palace resort is lined with 30,000 trees on 150 acres of land surrounded by green hills. This resort is arranged in such a way that no mistake can be found in it. And the surrounding tea gardens, rubber gardens, pineapple gardens, and lemon gardens seem to have seen the whole of Sylhet.


If you want to stay at this resort, you must book a room in advance. Which you can do online if you want. It is very difficult to get a room during the season, except you can get a room here all the time of the year. Prices are based on room type at this resort. The size of the room is as big as it is beautiful and everything you need is in the room. As soon as you enter the room, you will find a map of The Palace, which you should study. Why don’t you decide where and when to go to such a big resort, if you miss something you will have to do nothing but regret later. He also said that at the time of booking the room, you must book the food package. Besides, you will be in trouble with the food. The food here is very fun and all kinds of local and foreign food are available here.


The most amazing thing about this resort is that there is always background music playing. It’s really great. Listening to this music while walking is incomparable. In addition to the swimming pool, there is a gym, Turkish bath and steam bath. There are separate swimming pools for boys and girls, There is also an outdoor games zone for kids, There are two presidential villas here. If you want to stay in this villa, you can spend one lakh and fifty thousand rupees a night. The Palace has an open stage for the aunt to perform under the sky. There are also four large meeting rooms, There are also three helipads for helicopter takeoffs, Now there are twenty five star villas surrounded by greenery, Five restaurants at The Palace are five star quality, There are also bars and two cineplexes, one 2D and the other 3D, The Games Zone is for everyone, big or small, to spend the evening. There are great benefits of watching 7D movies as well as games. Now there is an artificial journey, which you will see when you enter The Palace.




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