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Many of us plan to go on a tour, but most of the time we don’t know where to start or how to plan. This is a small effort for them. For those who are planning to go to Bandarban for three days, it is just a small plan to have more fun in less time. I hope those who are new will find it useful.

There are about 10/12 transports from Dhaka to Bandarban. You will get the best service at Shyamoli Paribahan and Hanif Paribahan. Non AC bus fare is 650 / – per person and AC bus fare is 750 / – but the fare may vary during Eid. Buses leave from 10:30 pm to 12 am.



You will reach Bandarban very early in the morning. On the way you will find a hilly lonely road 10 km before the city. If you don’t fall asleep I’m sure you’ll be thrilled ever since. And in the middle of the road you will find cloudy tourist spots and Nilachal. However, in the morning you will get down to the city and find a mosque at the bus stop. There is a public toilet next to it. You can be fresh here if you want. Then have breakfast at a nearby restaurant. First take an auto and go to the Golden Temple to rent 150 Tk. It is very beautiful to see the Golden Temple in the morning. Spend an hour in this temple. Then take an auto and go Shoilo Propat can be rented for around 400 Tk. Hold there until 8-8:30 am. Then go to Ruma bus stand. Ruma bus stand can be rented for around 150-200 Tk. From here the bus fare to Ruma Bazar is 200-220 Tk per person. Or if you want you can reserve the Chader ghari, the rent will be 4000-4500 Tk. You catch the bus at 9 in the morning and leave for Rumabazar. It may be take 2 hour to reach there. From here you have to take a guide to go the rest of the way. Guide costs 500 Tk per day. Here you have to submit a form with your name, address and mobile number to the BDR camp for your safety. Then from here you have to go to Bagalek by Chader ghari again. If you want you can take reserve or go locally. This path is a terribly beautiful dirt brick paved road. And uphill downhill at that level. This path of about 2-2.5 hours will give you much more joy and fear. Let’s say Kamalapayara under Ellen Bagalek in 4-5 hours. Before getting down here, sit down and relax. You have to walk to the top of the mountain that you see on the top of the huge hill. Bagalek up in the peak. Start the journey but be very careful. Because the way up this hill is very narrow and steep, moreover a huge ravine on the right. Get up together as a team so that you can help one another in danger. When you got up in an hour, it would be almost evening. Now go down a little and there are many resorts next to Bagalek. The rent will be 150 Tk per person. If you want, you can take a walk in the evening at 1500 feet above the sea level to be gentle. You can eat a lot with the cost of food and not more than 50-150 Tk. Go to bed as soon as possible after eating and drinking. Because you have to climb the highest peak of Bangladesh, Kiokradong next day.



Suppose you start your journey at 6 in the morning along the hilly path. First you can see Blue Bird fountain and then Chingri fountain About 3 hours walk to the peak of your dream Kiokradong. The feeling of that time and standing on this peak is unbelievable. From here, if you want, you can go back to Bagalek on the same way, or if you cross the road in two hours, you can come back to a unique fountain Jadipai. You can return to tha Bagalek before evening. Spent the night here agin.



Today is the last day of your tour. Get up very early, have breakfast, pack up and go out. From Boga Lake, drive to Ruma Bazar again and come to Bandarban by bus. It may be 3 o’clock for you to come to town Take a room in any hotel till evening just to freshen up. You can get a hotel for 500-600 Tk at the bus stand or at the traffic intersection. Meghaloy can leave everyone in the room with an auto. Go straight to Nilachal from Meghaloy. Now come to the room after evening. If you want, you can walk around the Burmese market or take a rest at the hotel. Get on the bus at 9 pm and come to Dhaka in the morning.

Estimated cost calculation

If you go to Bandarban by bus, the total cost for a team of 6 people will be approximately 3500-4000 Tk per person. And if you take the reserve in the moon car, then the cost per person is approximately: 5000-5500 Tk

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