Top ten resorts of Bangladesh

Our daily life becomes irritating day by day, we need some adventure for our life. Probably, you are searching for a suitable place that can give you stability and relaxation. If you wanna give up your busy life just for some days we can spend time in resorts. Our country has many outstanding and glorious resorts. If you have any interest to know about these places read through carefully, you will find the best place after reading it. We will tell you about these places very evidently. You will know about the prices and other commodities of these resorts. Let’s go to see these luxurious places.


1.Sarah Resort

Sara Resort has modern capabilities, furthermore a unique place. It is situated at Gazipur in Rajabari. If you wanna make an enjoyable journey with your friends and family, this is a decent place for you. There have a swimming pool, 9D movies, Car parking, kid’s fun zone, Kayaking, Cycling, GYM, etc. You will find here gorgeous and tremendous cottages and villas. Founder decorated these cottages and villas sufficiently. 


Costing illustration: 

12500 tk: Premium Villa.

7590 tk: Raja View Tower.

10,500 tk: Water Lodge.

8,000 tk: Ancient Mud House.

60,000 tk :Presidential Villa.

Website address:


2.Bhawal Resort and Spa

Bhawal Resort a grateful resort. This resort is located in Gazipur, Dhaka. It has 61 cottages, these have 7 categories. This place has furthermore kids play zone, pool deck cafe, food enriched open restaurant. You should visit this spot if you wanna make a natural beauty trip for yourself.


Costing illustration:

12000 tk: One-Bedroom Villa 

16000 tk: One-Bedroom Villa 

24000 tk: Two Bedroom suit.



3.Rajendra Eco Resort and Village

Now, we are going to tell you about the biggest resort in Bangladesh which we know as  Rajendra Eco Resort and Village. It has 57 cottages and similarly 100 rooms. This place is situated at Gazipur, Dhaka in Bhabanipur bazaar. It will give you a fabulous adventure of an enjoyable journey. There have picnic spots, GZM, Swimming pool, farmhouse, beautiful lake, boating, fishing juice corner, restaurant, kids play zone, mosque, badminton court, etc. We can recommend the place to make a trip.


Costing illustration:

4000 tk: Mud House

6000 tk: Premium Room

8000 tk: Honeymoon Cottage

8000 tk: Deluxe Suite 



4.The Base Camp

I wanna notify you Base Camp is a decent place for a holiday picnic. Cause, it is made with fun recreations. This decent place is situated at Rajendrapur,   Gazipur. It is a unique place than other resorts because of its specialty.  This place has zip lines, off-road cycling track, zip lines, archery, on-tree, BBQ, forest, swimming pool, etc. You should visit that place at least once if you’re a real trip lover. You won’t be gloomy or disappointment after watching that place 


Costing illustration:

3500 tk:  Room

12000 tk: Bungalow.

Website address:


5.Neel Komol Resort

Are you like a noiseless place? If yes, You can make a trip to visit Neel Komol Resort, this is an extremely noiseless place with natural beauty. You can feel the real relaxation while you visit it. Every evening you can see and hear the racket of the firefly. It is not so far from Dhaka. There you will find a pool party, treehouse, a chat room, a wonderful pond, a rooftop swimming pool. Furthermore, you can be boating and riding.

So, never miss the chance to tour it. It will give you peace and relief from your boring life.

Costing illustration: 1400 tk per day


6.Lakeshore Resort

Lakeshore Resort is like a dream place that can provide you much pleasure and enjoyment. It is situated on the Bank of Kaptai lake. This place has a swimming pool, green hills, tribal villages, kid’s playgrounds, food restaurants which will deliver you delicious foods. You will get 24 service hours service from them. The resort is entirely perfect for your family trip. You can enjoy boating and visiting hills, tribal villages here. So, make your dream trip true through Lakeshore Resort.


Costing illustration:

5520 tk: Family room

5520 tk: couple room.


7. Dhaka Resort:

Dhaka Resort is also a wonderful resort among these. It is situated at Gazipur, Dhaka. This place, especially famous because of the rain forest and Bhawal Ghor. This place has picnic spots, a swimming pool, tent camping, BBQ, indoor games, fishing, boating, garden, kid’s zone, modern cottage, historical pond. If you wanna adventure in your life you will need to visit this tremendous spot.


Costing illustration:

20240 tk: Royal Cottage

12650 tk: Executive Cottage

18975 tk: Family Cottage

7590 tk: Deluxe Room

15180 tk: Bamboo Cottage

126500tk: Royal Picnic Zone

63250 tk: Family Picnic Zone



8.Jamuna Resort

Jamuna Resort is decorated with a natural environment. In this place, you will find here the theme park, wide outdoor space, meeting room, convention center, etc. This place has a rich flavor at every corner, which might be all kinds of decoration made by wood and bamboo also with formal pieces of equipment. This place is the best place for a couple, it will provide you the best romantic environment. This amazing resort is situated nearby from Mythological Jamuna River. I’m sure that you will love the spot after a trip. 


Costing illustration:

 5250 tk: Deluxe Room

6800 tk: Executive Suite

9000 tk: Royal Suite

10,000tk: Imperial Suite

Website address:


9.Third Terrace Resort

Third Terrace Resort is an incredibly gorgeous resort, which is situated at Gazipur. Mostly, this place is famous because of these two cottages “Wildwood” and “Windsong”. Moreover, while you will visit the place you will find a wonderful garden and lake. The national park situated beside this resort. It is a decent place for your family trip. 


Costing illustration:

3500-4000 tk: Per day

63250 tk: Single room


10.Padma Resort:

Padma Resort is situated nearby to Padma river. It is an extremely incredible place. If you have gotten bored because of your daily busy life you can make a short trip with your family members. This place maintains restaurant, outdoor or indoor games, speed boat, rubber boat, 16 wooden duplex cottages. This place is made with natural glamour that can remedy you from your stress rapidly. I will recommend you visit this if you, re a lover of nature.


Costing illustration:

2300-3500 tk: Per day

Website address;

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