Almighty ALLAH has blessed our country with enchanting fields, affluent and different civilization, historical places and important sacred places.  Mountains covered with snow and charming views of Hunza, Gilgit, Kaghan Valley, Galiyat and Hills of Murree are heavens on Earth. Karachi beach, enchanting deserts ,Mohenjo Daro & Harappa, sacred places of Buddism,Hinduism,Sikhism and tombs of popular Muslims saints  are fabulous attractions for tourists  dispersed all over Pakistan. Tourism can become hub of opportunities by boosting it and it can bring revolution in our economy.

Tourism builds and strengthens the economy of a country. Sustainable tourism brought revolution in economies of many countries like Switzerland, Thailand, Maldives and Srilanka. According to the World Tourism and Travel Council prediction, Tourism will generate 39.8 Billion US Dollars in a decade in Pakistan. The elected government is planning to make the tourism industry as the leading industry of Pakistan. The Kartarpur Corridor Project is recent example. Tourism will add Rs. 1 trillion to Pakistan economy by 2025.

In last few years, this industry was badly affected by Terrorism and Extremism.  Zarb-e-Azab and Raddul Fassad Operations have vanished it completely and now picture is totally changed now. Industry is getting benefit of it.By improving security issues, Arrival of Annual tourists are  300% in recent years with 1.75 million in 2017.Travel and Tourism is presently adding 7.4% to the GDP.Due to this , international trade and commerce increases.

Tourism and Hospitality are the second fast growing production sector in terms of direct investment.Rs.410 billion was invested in 2017 in this sector. For tourism, infrastructure development is necessary. This industry brings employment opportunities. Economy boosts up and get stable by Tourism Industry which will alleviate poverty issue in Pakistan.

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